Activities and network

The following activities are currently supported by Open Ticketing Institute (OTI):

  • OTI has successfully applied for funding from the European Union as part of the Horizon 2020 Transport Programme and has been awarded a grant for the project “The European Travellers Club: Account-Based Travelling across the European Union”. The project started at 1st of May 2015 and will last 24 months.
  • Research and development. Activities are:
    • development of the follow-up technology (including payment) for the OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands; Follow-up technology Dutch e-ticketing: Following the security breach of the Mifare Classic technology, Trans Link Systems (TLS) and the Dutch public transport sector have agreed a migration plan end of 2009. In 2010 and 2011 Open Ticketing Institute has worked together with TLS on the development and implementation of this new technology. The program, financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, was successfully delivered and transferred to TLS in 2011. The findings are publicly available, also via this site.
    • security review of the existing e-ticketing system in Luxembourg;
    • (transparent) NFC solution both for the Netherlands as other countries (schemes). Currently OTI is involved in a proof-of-concept for the e-ticketing scheme in Dublin (together with the Norwegian scheme); and
    • proof-of-concept for account-based ticketing (a concept developed by OTI) together with NXP, UL, Rabobank and Prodata Mobility Systems. Next to this OTI joined the Smart Ticketing Alliance, in which OTI is leading the account-based ticketing working group.

OTI will make publicly available the results of above mentioned proof-of-concepts once the projects have been finalized, see Documents & Publications.

  • e-Ticketing Scheme Association in Public Transport (e-TSAP). OTI supports the bi-annual conferences of (mainly European) e-ticketing schemes who exchange experiences with respect to project implementation, technology and security. OTI acts as a secretary of the Association.

OTI provides the independent Science Forum and two Ph.D.-research projects with relevant information concerning the OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands and the follow-up technology.

OTI works together with several suppliers and independent experts in the international field of e-ticketing, smartcards and multi-application schemes.

In 2010 OTI joined the OSPT alliance and in March 2013 OTI joined the NFC Forum, both as a not-for-profit member. In April 2013 OTI was elected secretary to the Transport Special Interest Group within the NFC-Forum. Recently OTI joined the Smart Ticketing Alliance (founded by UITP, Calypso Network Association, VDV-KA, ITSO and AFIMB). For more information, see Network.


Strategic partners and experts

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