Statement of competence

The Open Ticketing Institute (OTI) supports e-ticketing schemes, transport authorities and operators, other science institutes and suppliers in the following areas:

1.    Cooperation & knowledge sharing between sister schemes in electronic ticketing.

OTI has founded an Association in which (mainly European) e-ticketing scheme providers meet each other (bi-annually) to exchange experiences with respect to project implementation and operation, technology and security.

2.    Research & Development:

a.    OTI offers program and project management for research programs with respect to innovation or security enhancement in e-ticketing (security, multi-application, micro-payments, NFC). Currently OTI runs a migration program in the Netherlands, which is focussed on the follow-up technology for the Dutch OV-chipkaart and security systems.

b.    e-ticketing schemes that may wish to use the results of research mentioned under (a) can do so on the basis of a license agreement.

3.    Consultancy:

a.    OTI provides expert (non-legal) advice and support for the tendering, contracting and dispute resolution between public transport authorities, operators, scheme providers and suppliers.

b.    OTI provides advice with respect to the set-up of the program organisation to introduce and implement an e-ticketing scheme.

c.    OTI helps stakeholders to agree and implement appropriate governance structures for e-ticketing schemes.

d.    OTI organises security reviews of the technology, processes and controls of e-ticketing schemes.

e.    OTI advises on multi-functionality (access, micro-payment, loyalty, cross-selling) in e-ticketing, with regard to fare media, functionality, and business case.

Furthermore OTI provides an independent Science Forum and two Ph.D.-research projects with relevant information concerning the OV-chipkaart in the Netherlands and the follow-up technology.

For more information about the Open Ticketing Institute, please contact us at info@openticketing.eu.


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