The organisation of the Open Ticketing Institute (OTI) consists of a supervisory board, management board and secretary.

The Supervisory Board consists of Messrs prof. Ronald Paans PhD MSc RE and Bas Hidding MSc RA. Mr. Paans is also the chairman of the Science Forum (a forum that offers universities in the Netherlands the possibility to exchange information and research experience on e-ticketing related subjects).

The Management Board consists of Messrs Bas van Os PhD MSc and Roel Testroote. Mr. Van Os has been a strategy advisor and interim manager to the OV-chipkaart project since its inception. Mr. Testroote has also been involved in the management of the Dutch OV-chipkaart project since 2001. Ms. Janine Zwiers is secretary of the board.

OTI works together with several other science institutes, e-ticketing schemes, suppliers, independent experts in the international field of e-ticketing, smartcards and multi-application schemes. Read more >>>


Supervisory Board

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Management Board

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Statement of competence

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General terms and conditions

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